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It appears that many people throughout the UK in particular and other parts of Europe have the dream to live in the warm sunshine when they retire. This must be one of the best times to consider retirement in Spain. Forget about the Eurozone crisis, we have. Remember that we have a micro climate which is supposed to prolong your life by ten years.

We have 330 days of sunshine a year and very little rain. We do not have hosepipe bans, crime is minimal, the cost of living is substantially cheaper in Spain than in the UK and the rest of Europe. Property prices have hit an all time low with fantastic bargains to be had throughout the region. The house prices can only increase in the future.
The health care system in Spain for those who have retired is very good and free, transport is significantly cheaper than other countries and the way of life is much more peaceful.
This really is a good time to consider moving to Spain. Why not check out some of the properties for sale on this website or alternatively, let us have an idea of your requirements and we will find your dream home in the sun.